After reading this book you will know:

-how to identify swing highs and lows and draw trend lines and trend channels as this will raise substantially the probability of success for your trade;

- how to identify support and resistance levels and fine tune your position entries;

- how to determine the trend with moving averages and use them to open positions in its direction;

- how to identify the most popular chart patterns and which of them are the most reliable;

- how to use volatility as a powerful and profitable trading tool;

- how to use seasonality in the price to enhance your probabilities of success;

- how to read the candlesticks and identify yearly reversal signals which will result into tighter stops and more profit;

- how to know what is going on ahead of the other traders by reading the quotes;

- the basic principles of the trading methods of Joe Ross and Al Brooks and why they are a MUST for every successful Price Action trader;

You will also get your hands on more than 50 charts with plenty of examples on:

-Profit taking

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