Discover the Secrets to Successfully Trading Options

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Open your mind to the possibilities as you dig into Randy Perez’s, New Beginnings: The Option Trading Story.

Based on actual events and trades, and set against a tropical, Caribbean backdrop, Randy explains his successful trading method with Andrew while on vacation. Condensing over ten years of experience, New Beginnings: The Option Trading Story helps the novice, intermediate, and veteran option trader better understand option trading and how to profit from it. Follow along as Randy guides Andrew (his brother-in-law) towards the financial independence that the world of option trading can offer.

In this book Randy discusses in detail:

  • What are Put and Call Options
  • Using Options to buy Stocks at a Discount
  • How to Use Options to Generate Monthly Cash Flow
  • How to Use Options to Protect Your Stock Portfolio in a Down Market
  • A simple but very effective Method for Choosing which Stocks to Trade
  • When to Trade them
  • When to Protect your Positions or get out of them
  • And Much, Much More!

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You need this book if you are considering or are currently trading options.

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